Therapy Solutions

Therapy Solutions

Established in 1998, Therapy Solutions is a firm of allied health professionals specialising in workplace rehabilitation. Our core business involves assessing and rehabilitating individuals with an injury, disability and/or illness. Our experienced consultants conduct evaluations of the individual’s work capacity, provide recommendations for intervention, as well as establish and monitor return to work programs.

Therapy Solutions takes holistic approach to our rehabilitation services. We strive to provide a comprehensive service to our clients which take into account all relevant physical, psychological or social issues; as well as current labour market trends.

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In order to fully appraise your client's occupational disability, it is essential that I have available for consideration all of the reports of medical specialists you have made. In my experience, a booking 6 weeks after the final medical specialist appointment you have booked will foster an optimal outcome.

If you already have specialist reports please note in additional comments.