Workplace ergonomics

Protect your workers from injury

How your workplace is set up can impact the wellbeing and health of your workers. Making sure your sites are ergonomically fit for purpose or that workers are trained in how to do aspects of their job correctly can help reduce illness and injury. It can also make sure that people returning to work after injury are safe and productive. 

Workplace ergonomics involves much more than setting up workstations correctly. It can include making sure people are lifting correctly, positioning themselves to reduce pain and making sure respiratory disorders are not exacerbated. 

Our objective is to help you create and maintain a safe working environment and make sure your workers know how to protect themselves. Our experienced occupational therapists work collaboratively with you to assess the ergonomics of your workplace to make sure it’s fit for purpose and create bespoke on site ergonomic training specific to your workplace. These programs include explaining the risks, demonstrating how to reduce the chance of injury and observing people to make sure they know how to perform tasks safely.We also create personalised programs for people returning to work after injury or for anyone else who wants to know how to minimise the chance of hurting themselves at work. We also make recommendations on how to modify a worksite to suit the needs of an individual and can help you implement these if you need. 

We provide workplace ergonomic training and programs for a wide variety of work situations including office environments, roles that require heavy lifting or enclosed spaces.

We can help you with:

  • Personalise your pre-employment assessments
  • Review and tailor job descriptions
  • Assess your workplace and environment to ensure it is safe
  • Identify any issues or hazards that may increase the risk of injury or harm
  • Deliver workplace ergonomic training programs for teams or individuals
  • Teach your workers how to reduce their chance of injury
  • Observe and correct positioning and workstation set up to minimise injury
  • Personalise ergonomic training to address individual needs
  • Recommend worksite modifications where appropriate

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