Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment screening

Protect your workers before they start

Maintaining a safe workplace starts before you hire someone. Pre-employment screening gives you peace of mind that your prospective employees are fit to perform their role and identifies what you need to do to protect them. It can save you time and money by making sure you hire the right person for the role. 

Many workplaces can be challenging for even the most experienced people to work in. Perhaps there are confined spaces, hazardous materials, heavy lifting or the role involves sitting for long periods of time. How your workplace is designed and the core demands of a job can impact people differently. A personalised pre-employment screening makes sure that a candidate is capable of performing a role and minimises their risk of injury. 

Our pre-employment screening assessments are not about ticking a box. Our experienced occupational therapists work collaboratively with you and your prospective employees to make sure they can perform their role and have the tools and facilities they need to be safe and productive. 

A pre-employment screening begins with the job description. We can even help you prepare one or revise your existing one if required. Our experienced occupational therapists visit your workplace to assess the work environment and observe how your crew currently works. We then identify what tasks the role involves and test applicants to determine whether they’re fit to perform the role. You will receive a report and recommendations about the suitability of your workplace in general and for the specific individual. If you have limited capacity or don’t have the necessary skills, we can even help you implement our recommendations and train your employees. 

We can help you with:

  • Personalise your pre-employment assessments
  • Review and tailor job descriptions
  • Identify the core demands of a role
  • Understand the applicants physical and personal history
  • Assess an individual’s physical and mental capability to perform a role
  • Assess your work environment for social and mental health factors
  • Conduct an ergonomic assessment of your worksite
  • Identify potential risks in your workplace for an individual
  • Recommend interventions or tools that can assist new employees
  • Train your new employees so they can perform their role
  • Test applicants to assess their fit for the role

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