Vocational retraining

Vocational retraining

Retraining to a new vocation

It’s not always possible to return to the same job or worksite after an injury or illness. The thought of retraining for a new vocation or role can be daunting. But with support and assistance you can move forward with confidence.  

It takes a team of people to help transition to a new vocation. Our occupational therapists work closely with general practitioners, medical specialists and other allied health professionals to help you find the best opportunities. 

When it comes to vocational retraining, everyone has different needs and skills. Our services are tailored to your specific needs and help you become job ready. 

We work with you to understand your existing skills and the limitations of your injury and illness. We then assess your skills to determine if there’s an opportunity to be redeployed within the same organisation and recommend possible interventions or training that may help you transition to a new role. If redeployment is not possible, we can recommend other vocations that may be suitable and identify what training is required. It may be a long time since you had a job interview, so we can also help you create your resume or CV and prepare to be interviewed. 

We can help:

  • Assess your transferable skills and capabilities
  • Articulate your vocational goals
  • Match your skills with your vocational goals
  • Identify potential roles for redeployment or transition
  • Determine what vocational retraining is required
  • Assess potential worksites for suitability
  • Create a personalised vocational retraining plan
  • Build confidence and skills in searching for a job
  • Assist in preparing your resume and preparing for job interviews

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